Curriculum Plan

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Our Lady of Lourdes Cooperative Nursing Program
Degree: Associate in Science, Diploma in Nursing (NOL.AS)

First Year/First Semester
Course # Course Name Credits Notes
ENG-101 English Composition I 3 Must test into ENG-101 or complete appropriate prerequisites
BIO-117 Basic Anatomy & Physiology I 4
CHM-101 General, Organic & Biological Chemistry I 4
PSY-101 Basic Psychology 3
First Year/Second Semester
ENG-102 English Composition II 3 Pre-requisite: ENG-101
BIO-118 Basic Anatomy & Physiology II 4 Pre-requisite: BIO-117
BIO-121 Basic Microbiology 4
HIS-101 World Civilization 3
MTH-111 Introduction to Statistics 3
Third Semester
NOL-110 Health Assessment 2 Pre-requisite: ENG-102, BIO-118, CHM-101, PSY-101, BIO-121, HIS-101, MTH-111 Corequisite: NOL-102
NOL-102 Nursing 1: Foundations of Practice and Mental Health Nursing 8 Pre-requisite: ENG-102, BIO-118, CHM-101, PSY-101, BIO-121, HIS-101, MTH-111 Corequisite: NOL-110
PSY-109 Developmental Psychology 3 Pre-requisite: PSY-101
Fourth Semester
NOL-111 Nursing 2: Health Promotion & Illness Management of the Child-bearing Family & Adult with Chronic Illness 8 Pre-requisite: NOL-110 , NOL-102 , PSY-109
SOC-101 Introduction to Sociology 3
Fifth Semester
NOL 202 Nursing 3: Management of Acute & Chronic Health Issues Across the Lifespan 8 Pre-requisite: NOL-111, SOC-101
PHL-232 Biomedical Ethics 3
Sixth Semester
NOL 211 Nursing 4: Management of Individuals & Groups with Complex Health Issues 8 Pre-requisite: NOL-202, PHL-232 Co-requisite: NOL-235
NOL-235 Transition to Practice 3 Pre-requisite: NOL-202, PHL-232 Co-requisite: NOL-211

Science courses must be completed within 10 years when applying to the nursing program.